Published Works

Letters of the Dead (Book 1 of World of the Psychopomp) by Jodi Ralston: $3.99
  • Roderis receives letters from the dead, and one causes him to become the Owner of a Possession, an enslaved god-like being. Afterwards, he is thrust into a tangle of conspiracies involving the other Possessions and Owners, the Crown, and the Underground secession he fled from a year ago. Fantasy Novel, 70,000 words approx. 2012.
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The One Who Sees by Jodi Ralston: $1.99
  • After nearly drowning in a lake of souls, young Osan gains a magic power, and he discovers that people’s souls are in the wrong bodies and have been since birth.  Mythic Fantasy Novella/Short Novel, 18,000 words approx. 2011.
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 Knock by Jodi Ralston (a story in the Mother Goose is Dead anthology): $6.95 (ebook), $19.99 (print)
  • "Knock" came to me after I read Franz Kafka’s tale "The Knock at the Manor Gate." I envisioned a world where something so simple as a rap on the wrong door could have lasting consequences, and so, with that, the main character just walked onto the first page for me…and kept walking. Mythic Fantasy Short Story (in an anthology). 2011
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