Sunday, May 30, 2010


One positive thing that comes from writing for yourself is that as new inspiration hits and you reach the limit of your very short attention span on one project, you can switch to another project until interest in the old reignites. That is what I am doing.

Time constraints and work stress limit what I can do on a larger project right now, but except to chip away at the prewriting--which I will still do on Confessions--but I want to complete things. So, I'm working on serialized novellas, a mysterious fantasy.


littlelostgeek said...

You really need new content.

Nice looking blog, shame for it to have been idle for so long.

SphinxnihpS of Aker-Ruti said...

Hi littlelostgeek, thanks for the compliment. I am working on adding more content. I just hadn't been writing fiction for so long, the blog got neglected too.

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