Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walker Novel 2: Place Holder Two, Version One

The following summary covers the more important bits that lie between the posted KPP2 and soon-to-be posted KPP3. For those interested in this novel for the story's sake instead of the writing method, I hope this summary will help catch you up and not spoil your reading pleasure.

Summary of Main Events between KPP2 and KPP3.

Last we saw Walker, he had recently been taken by the mist-men. He emerges after some time (think, weeks at minimum), worse for wear. He teams up with the demon horse who waited for him and they make for Queen City, a cut-throat, degenerate, paranoid place where naturally he runs into trouble. But unlike before his experience in the mist, he is more than ready for it. He shows he is someone not to be messed with, and before he retires for a well-deserved rest at the hotel, he manages to get a job in the trade of "killing things and keeping those who pay alive." Basically, it is the start of his occupation as Outrider.

Other Notes.

Basically, time passes pretty quickly once he reaches Queens and shows not only how messed up he is but that he is no one to mess with. He is a dangerous man, hurting. And he will hurt for a long while. But most of this is off-screen from that point to the point of KPP3--although, I will likely write novellas and novelettes based of this material. This novel simply cannot do it justice and the focus of this novel is elsewhere. The novel is about him experiencing hell, yes, but it is also about his escape and eventual return, and the need to face his hell to truly conquer it and escape for real. During his return, the reader shall see more of what broke him.

Final Note.

Placeholders like this post will be replaced from time to time. The summary gets updated as I write and edit more of the novel. Later on, they will be replaced entirely by the text from the novel itself. For now, these will have to suffice.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the process so far. I know I am.


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