Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reviving The Great Writing Experiment: Self-Publishing an Ebook

Awhile back I mentioned I wanted to start an experiment on self-publishing ebooks.  Then life happened, and I didn't really work on it.  Anyway, starting a few weeks ago, I unofficially resurrected it.  Now, I want to officially do so. 

Why?  To keep me on track, focused.  To share information.  And because recently I came across someone else doing the same thing, but this person comes across as a Doubting Thomas, negative about the process, expecting the worst.  And, to be frank, that is the worst way to go about this.  After all, you don't expect the worst when you seek the commercial publishing route, so why should you with this route?  And if you do, then you shouldn't do it.  Because, as they say, you tend to get what you expect out of life.  Positive outlook is by far a greater motivator than a negative one will ever be, and I rather my work be sabotaged by positivity and hope than negativity and doubt.  So, my blogged experiment will be a positive counterpoint. 

In a later post, I'll talk about my goals, what novel I am working on for it, expected finish date, preliminary self-publishing work, practice, studies, research--whatever I think will be of help to others, and I will do my best to be positive at the same time (not easy when I am a struggling, born-again optimist).  That doesn't mean there won't be learning curves, disappointments, and hard work ahead, it just means that overall I'm going to look upon it all as a positive experience.  A positive experiment.  I hope you will do so too.


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