Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Makes Your Book Unique

There is an interesting thread at the KindleBoards about what makes your book unique.  Here is what I wrote: 

In my case, in the fantasy genre, I try to write what piques my interest at bookstores or at online ones.

In a nutshell, for my fantasies, it's male main character(s).  The significant relationships are usually one of the following:  bromance or buddy-fic, family-pairing, or loner against a male antagonist.  This usually means little to no undercurrent of romantic relationships for the main characters.  Finally, I need weird settings, plot, and/or magic.  Sometimes the weirdness is in the background, but it still affects the rest of the novel.  Also, many times I borrow from real cultures or time periods for ideas or framework.


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