Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Social Media Strategy: Outside Content

Entrepreneur magazine's Chris Brogan writes,
You don't just want to beat people over the head with your own products or services.

Rather he suggests finding

interesting information that applies to their tastes and share that, too (296). 

I feel this information is helpful for writers' social media strategies.  Twitter posts shouldn't just be about your product.  Blog posts shouldn't either.  Some of these posts should include outside information worth sharing, information your readers will enjoy.

But still, you should tie this content into your blog or brand.  For example, if you write fantasy, post fantasy links or tidbits or fantasy book reviews.  This way, it doesn't feel off-topic or send a confusing message concerning what you are about.  This way you are providing content your readers will like without beating them over the head with just your own works.

Cites: Brogan, Chris. "You Are a Media Company." Entrepreneur Nov. 2011: 292-297. Nook Edition.


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