Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got Books? Free Books Found!

Tuesday, Mom ran across a person with a table full of free books.  That's right, free books.  It seems like she wasn't the only one who checked them out, for while she was there, someone came back for a second helping.  But she managed to wrest these away:

Format:  Title; author/editor/publisher; genre
  1. Are You Normal About Money; Bernice Kanner; Nonfiction

  2. FUBAR; Sam Seder and Stephen Sherrill; Nonfiction

  3. If Aristotle Ran General Motors; Tom Morris; Nonfiction

  4. The Care of Fine Books; Jane Greenfield; Nonfiction

  5. Your Soul's Compass; Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin; Nonfiction

  6. Sharing the Wealth: My Story; Alex Spanos; Nonfiction-Business

  7. The Millionaire Next Door; Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko; Nonfiction-Business

  8. Man of His Word; Promise Keepers (NIV); Nonfiction-Christian

  9. The Social Fabric Vol 1: American Life from 1607 to 1877; Thomas L. Hartshorne and Robert A. Wheeler and John H. Cary and Julius Weinberg; Nonfiction-History

  10. The Spiritual Awakeners; Keith J. Hardman; Nonfiction-History

  11. Beginning Writer's Answer Book; Jane Friedman; Nonfiction-Writing

And now, they found a new home with me :-D


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