Friday, November 19, 2010

The Next Step

The whole point KPP system is that you write the most important parts first of your novel.  And then you fill in around it.  I had seven key plot points.  They are, in order: the beginning, launch, turning point one, mid point or turning point two, turning point three, climax, and ending.  As I am still new to writing out of order, I wanted to maintain some sense of linear progress.  That is why I wrote these in the above order.  I am saving writing completely out of order for a later stage, when my small attention span is under its greatest strain to stay focused to get finished with this novel.

So what comes after the KPP?  Well, it is time to return to the beginning and start writing the Events - Level One (ELO) sections of the novel.  In this sense, events are the next most important sections of the novel to write.  They are sense are as self-contained sections as KPPs are.  They can be a scene or a chapter or multiple scenes or chapters.  They are written in order like KPPs are.  But more importantly, ELOs support the KPPs.  Generally you have one before and one after each KPP.  Of course, the beginning and ending will only have one associated ELO, but generally so will the climax which abuts the ending.  Sometimes there is only a minor event between two KPPs.  If that is the case, that event is not written at this time.

However, I know of the following ELOs for sure:

  • One after the beginning.
  • One after the launch. 
  • One after turning point one.
  • One before midpoint.
  • One before climax.

My outline is not set in stone.  It becomes more focused with these KPP and ELOs.  However, I do feel there must be some more ELOs.  After I finish the first one, hopefully I'll have a better idea.


Sylvia Winters said...

This is an interesting system. I did something similar with my last novel, but in a less methodical, more intuitive way; I had a hard time with the beginning, so I started writing scenes I knew I'd enjoy. Pivotal scenes with a lot of emotional juice.

This year I did not plot at all before starting :O, so I'm writing in completely sequential order.

SphinxnihpS of Aker-Ruti said...

That's interesting, Sylvia. I read advice on writing out of order before, but never heard of many writers following that advice. And up till this year, I never would have been willing to try.

Good luck on your writing this year. Sometimes writing without an outline can keep you going. One year I did one and half novels during nano thanks to that method.

Thanks for the comments.


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