Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walker Novel 2: Place Holder One, Version One

The following summary covers the more important bits that lie between the posted KPP1 and soon-to-be posted KPP2. For those interested in this novel for the story's sake, I hope this summary will help catch you up and not spoil your reading pleasure. For those interested in the writing method, the following hints at the nature of Events Level One method. Either way, this is a learning process. My own plans change from the experience gained by the actual writing process. I expect them to change even further, and many times over, by the time the novel is done. But instead of dreading it, I'm coming to rely on it in order to lift practical ideas from purely theoretical.


Summary of Main Events between KPP1 and KPP2.

  • ELO1 - Set immediately after KPP1/Beginning, it covers what happens that first night. It is a restless night, because this is where Walker discovers the true dangers of this world: the mist and the creatures it harbors. Creatures that would love to eat him and the horse if they weren't settled safely inside the stonehenge. So these make do with each other, noisily and messily outside the stonehenge's protective circles. The worst of all mist creatures come last, when the mist is at its thickest. These shadowy figures are the mistmen, and although, all they do is encircle the stonehenge, lurk, and leer, they fill Walker with the greatest trepidation of all. But the mist holds sway only at night, and as the sun rises for real, the mist retreats, taking its manifest horrors with it. By mid-morn, Walker feels it safe enough to venture out. He and the horse make for the second stonehenge in hopes from there he can make it to the Queen City. But soon Walker learns that the day holds its own share of monsters when he encounters the Hunger Grass. The Hunger Grass invites you to walk upon it, stabs through your body, and mires you in place--all so it can eat you. Once he frees himself, Walker shelters in the second stonehenge and takes cares of his wounds. But the problem is, the day is half gone and no other stonehenge is in sight. And there is no sign of the Queen City by far. The horse is aware of another stonehenge, but has never been to it. But either way, this all has taken him too far and keep him too long away from the first stonehenge. He has to stay within its vicinity to keep an eye on the schism, because rescue is promised to come any day now, surely before his week's worth of food runs out. So with reluctance, he heads back to the first stonehenge, to await his rescue and to rescue them from the unforeseen dangers of this world if need be. Anything to be rescued, and soon. Status: Now written.
  • Miscellaneous events between ELO1 and KPP2/Launch include an important decision of Walker's. It has been ten days since he was exiled, and now Walker has no recourse. He is out of food and needs to make the uncertain trek to Queen City to buy supplies. It means he might miss rescue, which has to be coming any day now. But if he stays, the only thing they can rescue, if they are lucky, is his corpse. He makes preparations to leave on the next morning. The night of this decision is where KPP2 steps in. But the events that lead up to the KPP2 should focus on Walker's basic survival and his expectations of (delayed) rescue, and how that wears on him. The material between ELO1 and KPP2 should showcase the slow breakdown of Walker's nerves as he fruitlessly seeks both his rescue and his much-needed half-day, there-and-back-again route to the City. A route he finally deems impossible right before KPP2. This stretch of the novel should also include more about the main predator of this world, the mistmen. Status: To be written at a later date, as it is no longer Events Level One material.

Other Notes.

After I finished writing ELO1 and finished the first edit of KPP2, I realized there was only one Level One Event between the first two Key Plot Points, and that is ELO1. It's because the original ELO2 was to be the deciding point mentioned above, where Walker has no choice but to risk missing his rescue to get supplies. But this section is beginning to feel dragged out, between KPP1 and 2. Furthermore, I got to thinking about balance, which was the real reason why KPP2 or Launch Point came into being. To balance Climax-Ending one, two punch. Since the Climax hugs the Ending, I felt that the Launch needed to hug the Beginning as much as possible. So, it just feels better this way, to have just the one ELO between KPP1 and 2. That means, I am down to nine ELOs. Correction, I am likely down to eight. One, later Event fits due to placement after a Key Plot Point, but it doesn't fit by feel or intensity or importance to the overall plot. Rather the Event in question, the one that follows KPP4, is focused on a subplot, and it is not my intention to have this level of Events focus on subplots. Anyway, we'll see how it feels, once I come closer to writing it. I have a while yet.

Final Note.

Placeholders like this post will be replaced from time to time. The summary gets updated after I write the Event. Later on, they will be replaced entirely by the text of the Event itself. This means, I'll come up with a handy post that puts story bits and summary placeholders in proper reading order. For writing analysis purposes, I will create some kind of post that includes the different versions of these posts for comparison purposes.

Anyway, I think I rambled on long enough. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the process so far. I know I am.


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