Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Coke, Morning Pages

I am going to replace my morning Coke with morning pages . . . soon.  In a few weeks.  I'm working on decaffing myself over the next few weeks.  Why?  Multiple reasons.  For one, some medicines don't go well with you consuming large quantities of caffeine while on them (I learned that recently).  Two, if the symptoms of gradual detoxing from caffeine are any indication to go by, caffeine is some serious crap that affects your body.  Dislike that.  Three, a can of Coke has 140 calories, and multiply that by how many I used to consume daily, that's about damn close to a 1000 calories that I drank in.  Daily.  And my body is showing it lately.

To help wean myself off after, oh, 20+ years of Coca-Cola-addiction, I'm drinking fake soda--that is, decaf, diet Coke.  And I am doing this with Julia Cameron's morning pages.  According to her Artist's Way book, you write three longhand pages of whatever comes to mind.  You write them first thing in the morning.  They helped me long ago when I was getting past some writer's block.  I figured I better start practicing at them now, making the morning pages an ingrained habit, before I take that final step and drop my last can of Coke.  In the end, both practices--being caff-free and doing daily morning pages--will prove beneficial in the long run.

(This post took me 18 minutes to create, from conception to posting.)


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