Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holly Lisle on the End of Publishing -- And Some Good Ideas on How Not To Die -- And Link Craziness

Author Holly Lisle has a blog post up that is definitely worth reading due to its good sense.  I didn't read the article she is responding to yet, but I plan on it.  But some of the good points (and excellent marketing ideas) out of several she makes include

And I especially love this tip:
And finally this one:

I bring up this last point because it ties into a blog post of mine set to appear tomorrow, and I thought this point might make a good introduction to it.  Writing is not for the lazy.  It takes a lot of work to succeed, and a lot more to excel.  How much work?  Well, come back tomorrow and you'll read one person's take on how much. Until then, enjoy the rest of Holly's blog post--and that piece which she is responding to.


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