Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Supernatural -- Its Influences -- And Thoughts on Season 6/7

 Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season

One of the few shows I watch any more is Supernatural.  The other main one is AMC's the Walking Dead--when the hell will they bring it back?  Or did it die?   Anyway, I don't know if I admitted it before, but I'm a Castiel fan.  Heck I'm a Destiel fan:  Love the relationship between Dean and Castiel more than Dean and Sam.  Mostly because it provides a reverse--it was always Dean doing the majority of the caring about Sam, Dean needing Sam, not vice versa.  Then Castiel came, and at some point Cas was pulling a Dean in the relationship boat. 

There were many other things I enjoyed about the whole Castiel thing.  Actor's hot--gotta thing for blue-eyed, black-haired men--the humor is great.  And I liked that Cas could go BAMF when needed.  But still, I loved him best when he interacted with Dean.  It seems like none of the three main characters do well on their own.  This show is about relationships.

Though it hurts, I loved the last few eps of Season 6.  And I had faith that they will restore Castiel to the good guy we love to watch.  Then I read about how mum TPTB are being about the status of Misha Collins (Castiel's actor).  

I read the comments, and I thought about it.  Well, rather, I thought about some of the fanfic I've been doing in my head about it ;-)  Anyway, I don’t think they will entirely get rid of Cas, but they can’t have him be deus ex machina either.  Probably part of the reason why they had Fallen Cas in Season 5 (though they really integrated that well into the plotline/characterization). 

Rather than Cas be Lucifer or Bad-God, I rather suspect, especially, in light of the promos that showed up recently, he can’t contain the purgatory souls. I think Season 7 will start out with dejuicing Cas. Then the souls will get unleashed–new baddies to hunt, because the show has to have individual baddies besides a big one/big mission (both of which will either involve killing or jailing the purgatory souls again or have a show down with a new big bad one).  And I think Cas will will be hurt in the process, he will become weakened, probably closer to Fallen Cas. That will be an excuse to have him go off half the episodes (like Season 5's search for God did).  He will mostly be in search of restoring himself, finding himself and restoring his own powers, but he will still come in from time to time on hunts–and for humorous moments :-)  Gotta have those, after all humor is one of the things that makes the show.

Actually, humor is like relationship thing--it's not just one thing, but a mixture of things that make this show.  Good WTF moments (like Lost's), humor, strong bromance (literally and not), BAMF creatures and moments, and strong awareness of the show's fanbase are just part of the gestalt of the show. 

Anyway, that's what I think.  This isn't the end of Destiel unless this is the end of Supernatural.  Then people start getting Lost-crazy and anything--and anyone--goes.

But back to its influences.  Besides the above mixture of coolness I detailed above influencing some of my works--notably Walker Universe--the Destielness (aka Dean-Castiel relationship) influenced which novel I pushed to the forefront to work on self-publishing first.  Letters of the Dead.  Although I wrote my novel before all that (I didn't become a fan of Cas until Season 5), I couldn't help but notice some of that vibe when I was in Destiel-drought after Season 6 ended. 

Anyway, my Cas is a character of great magical power (but no naivete) called Malanye.  But like Cas, he has limits on what he can do--but these restrictions come from being enslaved.  All of Malanye's kind are enslaved, and thus they are called Possessions. The other half of this relationship is an Owner who is naive in some ways but smart in others.  Roderis possesses some of Cas's self-sacrificing traits and devoted personality--though really, Dean has that too.  Anyway, Rods is strongly against the whole Possession-Owner state, but he is thrown into it anyway.  Though Rods and Mal's relationship (which grows into the fledgling bromance which will be stronger in the sequel) is part of the mixture of my novel, it is not the only part.  It's just something that cannot stand on its own but cannot be removed either.  Integrated :-) 

But besides this novel, it has inspired another work, currently dubbed Eidolon, which is more strongly bromancey/Destiel.  But more on that later as I've yammered on too long.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on Supernatural and its influences.  And I do have to admit, if this show does stop, it will leave a story-void in my life that will remain unfilled just like Lost did.  Because frankly, I haven't seen anything to compare to either of them.


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