Monday, July 23, 2012

A Few Good Men: Reverse Bechdelness

Just for fun, I'm considering another category of judgement for my reviews.  In this case, it's a Reverse Bechdel Quota: two heterosexual men, alone, not thinking, speaking, doing, being motivated by women (this includes sex, lust, love, etc.).  The higher the number, the more often this phenomenon has occurred in the work. 

I think it's not too late to start it on my read-in-progress, The Compass Rose, because 74 pages into it, there has been only one scene between two men alone.  But it didn't leave females alone--in fact, they were in search of the women's tent (camp followers) for you know what.

To be fair, I don't expect this phenomenon to occur in romances.  After all, excluding LGBT fiction, romances are about a male and female getting together.  But I also don't expect to see this frequently in the genres I read either (fantasy, history and classics, horror, and science fiction), for they are so often romantic or romantically inclined.  Oh, well, we'll see :-)


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