Monday, July 23, 2012

A Few Good Men: A Review Series

Ninety percent of the fiction I read I read for the men, for the testrogen effect--the quality by which male characters appeal to female readers.  There are certain standards by which I judge this appeal.  First, the "good guys" receive black marks for misogyny, infidelity, male chauvinism, and womanizing.  They also receive it when a work dictates a cool character's coolness step by step, action by action, like a procedural instead of a novel.  Next, a gold star is handed out when the guy actually cares about something other than the love interest.  Finally, there are bonus points (squee-hearts) when this non-love-interest interest is male, for I love buddy fiction (bromance) and family fiction (in this case, siblings or father-son).  These are the standards by which I rank my "few good men."


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