Saturday, August 11, 2012

Emu Products

twoemu1Something else I purchased at the Jour De Fete was some Emu products from Granny Lou's Emu Oil Products.  Rarely does a year go by that we don't purchase something from her, because we love her products.  This year, as my wallet was getting a little light, I only got two items: lipbalm and wound cream.

The main reason why I purchased the wound cream was because it is also capable of keeping off the insects.  I make up the mosquitoes' main course, so anything helps.  And because I could drown myself in commercial bug spray and still be carried off by the little buzzers, I am looking forward to natural products, especially a creamy one.  That way repeat applications won't be a toxic problem.


The lip balm I purchased because my lips are perpetually dry.  I believe Dr. Oz claimed beeswax products are great for protecting and locking moisture into lips.  And this one smells great.

So, good purchases all around.  And pretty containers too.


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