Monday, August 20, 2012

My other Jour De Fete purchases: Wood!

Wooden Bowls and More

These are something I always buy, every fair I see 'em (though just usually not this many).  Homemade wooden cups and bowls and now candleholders.  There they are all in a row, nearly $60 worth of 'em.

Once I dig up more information on who made each one of these, I'll update this post.  (Mostly involves flipping the individual items over, but they are not at hand.)  But for now, I separate them out by type.

Here is a close up on the rings of the wooden bowl.  The rings are what fascinated me, and the maker knew what each one was.  I just wish I wrote them down.

Wooden BowlWooden Bowl

Next is the vase.  I never bought a vase before, but it is supposed to hold either buds or fake flowers.  I may have to get into fake flowers now to just try it out.

Wooden VaseWooden Vase

Finally, there are the candleholders.  Although the maker, R. J. Rebecchi, gave me a card warning that it is best to use dripless candles or candles with a base to catch the dripping wax because hot wax could ruin the finish.  Those fakes tealights might work better in them, I bet.

Wooden Candle HoldersWooden Candle HoldersWooden Candle HoldersWooden Candle Holders


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