Monday, August 20, 2012

My Other Jour De Fete Purchases: U-Dog-U

My mom and I saw a cute white dog walking around with a hat on, so we decided to ask if they got that at the Jour De Fete.  They had!  They got them at booth held by U-Dog-U.  So, we decided to go down and claim at least one of our own for our newest doggy.

Dog with Hat and HarnessDog HatDog Hat

You can see how much he loves it.  Lol.

Chin Hat

But I am determined to train him bit by bit to accept it.

We also got some practical supplies.  Dog harnesses:




Not entirely practical, but we like the look.  And besides, on both the harnesses and the kerchiefs, we sprinkle the other product we bought from him.  Flea repellent.  Cedar oil and lavender, I think, the owner said it was.  And after smelling it, I can see why the fleas would be repelled.  But I do think we found fewer fleas near the neck regions after this.

Anyway, these items came from U-Dog-U, whose owners are Sherry and Bill Merrill.  You can also find them on Facebook.


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