Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Character Drift in Walker Universe Series

I've been working on Valor's Tale, a side story set in the Walker Universe Series, and I realized that vampire story doesn't really fit the series or even the character anymore.  That made me realize I no longer really want to show his tale in a story of its own.  It just doesn't quite fit when everything else is from Walker's pov and is about Walker primarily.

The problem is that originally I intended Valor to be far more prominent--but then again, I also planned on about 7 or so novels in this series.  But the more I worked on this series, the more I narrowed its focus.  There are stories I mourn not being able to write, but they wouldn't work with the story as-is.  

So what is left to do?  Well, I need to glean from the other outlines who Valor morphed into and see if I like it.  Then once I settle on his character and background, I need to include that in Harem, the surviving side-story.  That is really where Valor will get his most face time.  After all, he is important to Walker.  Just turned out he became more of a minor character than I expected.


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