Monday, February 28, 2011

Posting and Writing

Tomorrow swiftly approaches.  I have printed out my outlines and record sheet.  I have a plan of how to write and edit.  And I have a goal of having everything ready to publish on the three main sites, Smashwords, B&N's Pubit, and Amazon's Kindle by the end of September.  So, what is left to print out and prepare?  What I will post this blog and how I will post it, that's what. 

The easiest decision is on the Walker Universe.  Out of the five short novels (Prequel/Harem and Novels 1 through 4), I will post Novel 1 and 2 to the blog.  Why?  Because I started with Novel 2; it only makes sense to continue with it here.  And having Novel 1 up also makes sense.  You see, I started posting primarily to record and share my method of writing, and these two novels are prime examples.  Although, Novel 1 is not complete, it is the closest I have to that state.  So, it will serve as a good example of how to edit using my out of order method.  Novel 2 is still mostly unwritten, but it was the first novel I started writing out of order on, so it serves as an example of writing that way.  You might remember how I was breaking the part up into different sections to write.  For example, there are seven main parts called Key Plot Points that include things like beginning, climax, and ending.  I also have different levels of events depending on how important they are, now called Secondary Events and Tertiary Events.  So, I will post each KPP, SE, and TE as they are complete at the time.  I revise as I go, basically (more on that in another post); that means, I occasionally will post a new version of a section or if the changes are minor I may simply post a revision note.  My intentions are though to show this novel all the way to the end.  So, while the final version will have chapters, I will probably still segment it up differently in the blog in order to better compare the last version to the earlier versions.  So, basically, I will be posting on two novels at the same time, one section at a time, with writerly comments too.

Now, on the monthly fiction.  I'll post my intentions on how I will write and edit these in another post, but basically I want to follow D. W. Smith's inspiration and post each story once it is completely done.  I don't know if I will post different drafts yet, especially since I don't intend to write out of order on these.  But either way, I want to keep it up until the next story is posted.  Also, I will put it up for sale on the Main Three Ebook Sites as soon as it is done.  I intend to do this every year, from January through September.  October I need to work on plotting my nano novel in November and working on getting an omnibus version up and ready for sale.  December is simply recuperating time and preparation time so that I have ideas ready for January's monthly.  So, basically, the monthly final version is going up and staying up until the next monthly's final version.

Those are my plans for posting so far.  They are subject to revision, but I think they are a good start.


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