Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update: A Story a Month

March is soon approaching, and do I have my story chosen for it yet?  Not quite.  I have several possibilities though, based off ideas from my 2011 Ideas Project.  The following are the possibilities so far:

  • Meso - A younger son checks on his brother's distant colony; but when he arrives, the party is captured by the natives who have taken over, and he is enslaved, bled for his magic-filled blood.  Native culture is inspired by ancient Meso-American civilizations, especially the Aztecs and Maya.
  • House - A man wakes up in an inn/boarding house and discovers that the exit door leads not onto the courtyard but upon its own foyer.  Kafkaesque story.
  • Book Club - A man discovers whatever you write in this book about yourself comes true--but there are consequences.
  • Mage-For-Hire - A mage is blackballed by his temp agency and thus by all employment sources--but he cannot find out why.  Kafkaesque story.
I haven't settled on one yet, and still expect to add to this list up until this weekend, at which point I will make my final selection.


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