Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost Stories in Walker Universe Series

I wrote in my last post I regret not being able to write all the stories I wanted to in the Walker Universe Series.  What can a writer do when that happens?

Well, if the stories can still logically fit within the timeline of the series, the stories can be written.  Not quite doable here as I have the tendency to have short time settings covering weeks or days--even between novels--excusing Novel 2 which covers several decades, sorta.

Sometimes you can strip the stories of their identity and put them in a new unrelated world/series/story.  Could be possible in my case.

They could be made into fanfic for yourself or possibly for readers.  Gary Paulsen wrote Brian's Winter for that reason.  It wasn't called fanfic, but that is what fanfic writers often do--write a story on a What If basis.  Then somehow the alternate universe Brian's Winter became somehow canon and used in later books.  I'm actually toying with a similar idea for Walker Universe, inspired by the fact that Gary Paulsen played with chronology.

Those are some possibilities.  Not sure what I will do, yet.  Depends on how final and satisfying the series feels once done.


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