Saturday, March 5, 2011

Critique and Realizations

I've received my first critique on KPP1 (beginning block) of Harem, and I realized something.  No matter how much of a hurry you are in to get comments from a crit group, never submit work with less than polished wording and grammar.  Why?  Because it interferes with the critiquer's ability to study and review the content or substance of the story.  I should have realized this; as a writing tutor at college, I notice grammar and wording first.  You have to train yourself not to.

So that realization lead me to another.  Whether I post material here on Novel 1 and Novel 2 for demonstration of my writing technique or just for fun, I need that material to have that a higher level of polishing, too. Which means, I will have to spend a lot more time upfront on editing and polishing than I planned on (I had planned on spreading it out over more phases of writing and editing).

That lead me to another realization that I am trying to bite off more than I can handle.  This is a new technique, writing out of order.  This is a new technique, working on all novels same section at once.  I do not need to be worrying about how to make the process go faster; I need to be worrying about getting the basic technique down.  That means I need to delay this series' publication.  As I dislike posting something this large with only a month or two to go in the year, especially for tax reasons, I have settled on a January 1 publish date.

As a result, I expect to have more time to work on and publish monthly stories and more time to analyze the writing technique so that next year I can shave off weeks or months of time.  Over all, I expect better results period.


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