Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week One Thoughts

This weekend didn't turn out as I expected.  I was busier than I expected, more depressed, and more tired.  But I still got things done.  Maybe I'm not ahead, but I'm not horribly behind, either.  I'm right on target with Walker Series.  I'm behind on the bi-monthly tale, Dole.

But more importantly, this last week made me realize I have to free up more time during the day to do other things.  Don't get me wrong, I want to make this a career, but I also want to improve myself for my tutor job, I want to improve my body so it is healthy and strong, and I want to improve myself in general by learning things I keep putting off.  So, it is not so much as spending less time writing, it is spending less time snoozing and internet playing.  I wake early because I have no time after my night job to do anything but eat and go to bed.  Usually, I snooze for an hour or two after waking up, because I'm still not used to it.  No more:  nappy time is gone.  This is going to work, but it will take at least two weeks to feel the real effect.  After all, I heard that is the time necessary to set a habit.  And I am going to set this habit.

The other habit I want to implement is less time spent on the internet.  Blog posts are good okay.  Keeping track of my industry is okay.  Email checking is okay.  But it needs to be kept in check.  It needs to be scheduled just like my career, so I don't spend more time than I think on these places.  Time I don't need to be spending thus.

So, as I work on editing the KPP1s this week, writing a quarter of Dole, returning some critiques, and doing other writerly tasks, I'm going to keep a sharper eye on what I spend my time on and make sure I make room for what I want to do. 


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