Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Haunted: The Complete Series

I admit it, lately I have been distracted from writing.  In fact, I do not believe I have done anything since Thursday.  Why?  Because of Matthew Fox.  It started out with obsessively rewatching his Haunted series--love the asylum episode.  Then that lead me to Lost rewatching--especially the final episode when he tells Flocke he's going to kill him.  Those scenes/episodes?  Just ooooh.  And come on, look at that cover!  It's hard not to get addicted.  He's just so watchable.

Besides, I'll let you in on a little secret.  I tend to do fanfic in my head about my favorite characters in my favorite series.  If the idea is good enough, it becomes a repeat mind-fic.  (I get bored easy, yes.)  Then the mind-fic begins to alter the characters, backstory, situation, etc.  Finally, it becomes my own idea, my own story, my own characters.

When I start obsessing and day dreaming this much about a character, it usually means I'm getting close to a story idea.  That's how my Walker series started out.  Although, it wasn't aforementioned dream boy who was the root cause of it.  No, just another random hottie, Michael Shanks/Stargate-SG1's Daniel Jackson. 

So, what have I been doing the last few days?  I've been watching Haunted and Lost.  Obsessively.  My mind tells me it is a bad thing, because it means I am so story-starved I have to watch tv shows when I could be (at best) writing or (at least) reading.  But my mind also tells me it's a good thing because I'm working on some story bit by obsessive bit.

So, when will I get back to writing?  Likely Friday.  Until then, I'll just play around with Matthew Fox's roles.  Trust me, I won't be bored.


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