Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seek Your Peace

I was working on my Bible study sheet, when I came across Romans 3:14:  "Whose mouth [is] full of cursing and bitterness."

This hit home after all that happened yesterday and this morning on writing groups.  I got so involved in debating angrily, defending my point of view angrily, and just feeling angry at what others were saying, that I messed up my calm, my sense of peace, my inner balance.  I was bitter.  This was hurting me.  Bitterness, no matter what the cause, always does hurt the writer.

Today I am back on track, writing again.  Today, I am happy and me again.  I am calm where it matters again.

How did I do that?  Recently, as I recover more of my religiousness, my sense of peace and perspective is restored through Bible studies.  Before then, I used to soak myself in nature or become absorbed in movie.  Any of these can work and will offer up healthy alternatives to bitter brooding.  Any of these will help you regain your balance and perspective. 

Just remember, never lose sight of your inner peace for long, or it will be that much harder to be what you are meant to be, a writer.


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