Monday, March 7, 2011

Story a Month Changes

It is good to have goals, but in order to succeed at those goals you must have the proper skill base first.  Before I can try to write a story a month, which would have to be a short story to work at that pace for me, I have to become good at writing short stories.  Not sure if that is in me.  Sure, I can try, but naturally I write in the 10,000 and up range.  So, instead of having an artificial time limit on writing such a story when I am working on other series, I will merely set a goal of always working on a side story, something completely unrelated.  This is good practice, keeps my mind active.  In honor of my original intention, however, I will post the story for free on this blog for one month.  Then once that month is up, it goes up for sale on various epub sites.

So, that is my goal for these stories, these side stories, these asides; and it is a goal that I am more likely to reach.


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